Mario Runs Onto Mobile

Mario has been the flagship character for all Nintendo devices for the last few years. Well, more accurately, Nintendo has held the whole franchise closer than Mario can hold Princess Peach.

However, in the last year Nintendo has started reaching out onto new platforms. It was only slighter earlier this year when we saw the release of the social game Miitomo. I have to admit that I have not really launched it since I first installed it, I was not like the masses.

Regardless, today is not the day for more Miitomo, it is not the release of Fire Emblem or Animal Crossing for mobile; it is all about the second coming of Mario. Coming out on the 15th of December (IOS, Android later), Super Mario Run:

Super Mario Run is a simple running game. You will notice in all those screenshots that Mario is always facing the right. This is because the platforming element has been dumbed down. Instead of being able to control Mario normally, driving him any what way, he will be riding forth like a lemming. He will be rushing forward with the player acting like a jockey, tapping him to make him jump up and over. Not exactly traditional Mario gameplay.

“So, this is a free game?” you think to yourself… No. Super Mario Run is also not going to be free. Instead there are aspects of the title which will be available for everyone to try (aka demo), but for a one off payment of around $15 you will be able to get the complete game. Maybe it is $15 good, but until proven otherwise I will have to reserve judgement. It may be Mario, but I still want some gameplay alongside his face.

If you think this might interests you then you can check out more on their website.