Manila Major Main Event About To Start

The final of the three Major events is about to have teams fight for their lives. USD$3 million is up for grabs at the fight is looking like it will be very close.

Friday and Saturday saw the group stages played out. In it, both Na’Vi and and Newbee showed not only why they are at this event, but how they will be a serious threat over the course of the event. For many the return of Dendi’s team will also be something that they have been waiting for. He is a character in Esports and one which many fans can get behind. Of course there were some upsets coming out of the group stages, Team Secret was the biggest shock to many as they lost both their matches placing them in the firing lines for elimination. Even with a single match victory behind them, Alliance and EG also managed to find their heads on the proverbial chopping block. The single elimination games will really put the pressure onto these great teams.

With the event due to start at about 11:15(aest) this morning and the games at 1200 never before have time zones been quite so favourable. The first two matches this morning will see Team Liquid facing off against MVP Phoenix and Na’Vi taking on OG. Both of these will certainly be a spectacle to watch. Afterwards we get into the best of one single elimination games were we will see some amazing teams flung from the event.

Which matches do you want to watch? Who do you want to win? Miracle- or Dendi!

More information about this event can be found on the Dota Blog and the Manila Major event page.