Life is Strange: Before the Storm Revealed

After the developers of 2015 episodic title Life is Strange announced last month that a sequel was in development, they’ve now formally revealed their next title this morning at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference as a Xbox One X enhanced title.

The ominously titled Life is Strange: Before the Storm is not the sequel teased by Dontnod but instead a prequel miniseries. The title was leaked late June when images emerged depicting a younger version of the first games supporting character, Chloe Price. Developed by Deck Nine Games, the game will take players back to seaside Arcadia Bay. The original title held no shame in wearing its inspirations on its sleeve, and this time around it’s no different. No doubt cashing in on the return of TV show Twin Peaks last month, the trailer for Before the Storm is painted with shades of the cult classic.

Set those alarms because IGN will have the official gameplay reveal on their E3 live stream at 5:00 am AEST (12 pm PT).

The first episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm releases on the 31st of August for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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