Kingdom Hearts 3 Rumoured for Nintendo NX

I was disappointed about the absence of coverage on Kingdom Hearts 3 during Nintendo’s E3, between the beautiful open world of Zelda and the Hawaiian themed Pokemon. There was no sign of our friends, Sora, Mickey or Goofy.

But with a recent slip up from EB Games, we might just have our answer.

This morning, EB Games temporarily listed Kingdom Hearts 3 for Nintendo Nx for $119.95 (a placeholder price) before quickly removing it.

Reports say that Nintendo worked hard to secure Square Enix among their third-party publishers to supporting their gaming platform and wanted to save the game as a headline announcement for the reveal of the Nintendo NX.

The game was last mentioned by series director Tetsuya Nomura in an interview with Famitsu but hasn’t been heard from since.

It’s still unknown when we’re able to get our hands on the game but for now, we can look forward to the amazing Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is also coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.