Killing Floor 2 Enters Its Full Release on PC and PS4 on the 18th of November

TL;DR: Killing Floor 2 is entering full release on the 18th of November for PC and PS4. It will cost a minimum $29.99 USD and we reviewed it a while ago.

Way (way way) back when OK Games was still in diapers. We reviewed Killing Floor 2 as it entered Early Access. (Zac thought it was great.)

This morning we got word that the game would be entering Full Release on the 18th of November, 2016 for $29.99 USD or $39.99USD if you wanna flaunt your stuff and nab the Collector’s Edition.

Not sure? Check out some gameplay footage below.

Or opt in for the beta that launched yesterday.

See you in hell, candy boys!