Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod Released on Steam

Anyone who has ever played Just Cause Multiplayer in the past knows just how much more fun it manages to make a game that is already pretty fun. Now, thanks to a small team of programmers named “Nanos” – we can finally do it in Just Cause 3.

Working independently from Square-Enix, Nanos have added a few modes to their (now) full release multiplayer mod – including Custom Races, Free Roam and Team Deathmatch. They’ve even given you the ability to make tweaks to the mod, regarding your proficiency in CSS, HTML and Javascript is a high enough level. It also lets you grow a stronger bond with Haru and Yusuke, but that’s a-whole-nother thing.

The mod is available for free download but will require you to have a copy of Just Cause 3 for PC.

See you on the island – other Ricos.