Join Dungeon League’s Online Testing

Dungeon League was a game that I shouted about after PAX Australia last year. I said that it was a fantastic fast paced and exciting multiplayer game. I also noted at the time that online multiplayer is what will really see the game take off. Well, almost 5 months later we are now hearing about the development of the online feature, it is ready for testing! But that is not the best part… They want your help, and you don’t event need the game!

We are looking for dedicated testers to help us work out the kinks of our in-development online systems. If that sounds like you, please join our Discord to put in your application.

Once you have been approved, you will receive a free copy of the game, and will be able to join in for testing sessions with us, and the developers. For every session you report feedback, you will also receive an extra Steam key to invite a friend to join you online for the next session.

So get in there, give them good feedback and try first hand a game that I think will set a new baseline for what a competitive game can be!