Jade Empire Gets iOS Treatment

Jade Empire is getting an iOS release very soon, and by very soon… Yeah, we don’t know when. The port is being handled by Aspyr Media, the group that is responsible for iOS ports of Knights of the Old Republic and Fahrenheit. Below is an IGN trailer for the game:

The interesting part is that in the trailer, it states that the game is available on iOS and the Mac now, but it’s very clear that it is not. Other websites have reached out to Aspyr Media, asking why it isn’t in stores yet, and they’ve said they have nothing to announce at this moment.

The port is based on the PC “Special Edition” from 2007. I honestly have no idea what this game is like. I love KOTOR, is it like that except less Star Wars more Chinese Dynasty?

There is no confirmation on the price yet, but seeing as KOTOR is $15 on the App Store, it will probably be similar.