Is Diablo 3 Getting A Necromancer?

It feels like only last week that we reported on rumours surrounding Diablo for this years Blizzcon event. Official sources did come out dismissing rumours of a fourth iteration being announced. However, this did not exclude the possibility of additional news for Diablo coming out. As it turns out there might be something interesting coming out out way.

Overnight leaks have brought us a little relief from the increasingly stale character environment in D3. It has been 2 years since we saw the last new character enter the realm of sanctuary, and even that was a rehash of one of the more popular D2 chaps, the Paladin.

This year it appears that we will be getting something new, that something being another character rehash. Watch as the dead rise for the Necromancer. The following screenshot came from the Blizzard site, that is until it was taken down when the mistake was noted. While we cannot confirm that a new class will be coming to D3, I believe that it seems quite likely.


First introduced as one of the main 5 characters in Diablo 2, the Necromancer is all about bringing the dead back to life. You create armies of the undead using skeletons and golems to overwhelm and crush the forces of hell. It also never hurt to throw a curse or two alongside all your poison or skeleton skills.

If this sounds familiar it is all because the Witch Doctor does largely the same thing. He summons zombies, he curses foes and he has another category of spells that just do a variety of things.  He was generally regarded as a substitute Necromancer. As such, it seems to me that if we do get an announcement of a Necro class that it will probably be more similar to the Druid class of D2. He will be all about creating an army.

That said, this is my speculation. We have little more than this screenshot to go off for new. What do you hope to see in the diabolic announcement?