Hollow Knight to Launch on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been making headlines over the last few days thanks to its recent press conference. There were a lot of games announced, a lot of new information surrounding the power and price (I still think that $450 is a little too much, but I could be wrong). In news that just came through today, Hollow Knight, a game that I have talked about quite a bit in the past has just announced that it will be launching on the Switch.

I am quite glad to hear that this little title will be getting attention on such a console. I feel as though the gameplay style will be a perfect match for the TV/Portable thing the switch has going on. This news does also come with a little downside, though. As a consequence of this move Team Cherry will no longer be making a WiiU version. The large number of issues they were having developing for the latest Nintendo Console contributed to this decision. They do not have a date for release yet, but that will be forthcoming eventually. The initial launch will still be PC however.

Included in their announcement was a copy of a page from their manual, check it out below!

Hollow Knight Manual Page