Sneak Peek at the In-Game Goodies You’ll Get With Your BlizzCon 2016 Virtual Ticket

Or, I mean, if you’re attending in person, you’ll get this stuff too, you lucky person, you.

BlizzCon is coming! One of everyone’s favourite game developers, Blizzard, is holding their 10th BlizzCon this year – the year of their 25th anniversary – in Anaheim, California on November 4th/5th (during PAX AUS!).

What a shame! You can’t attend because you live all the way in Australia? Hey, look, that’s fine. You can grab a Virtual Ticket where they offer comprehensive live coverage via internet stream!

And guess what? If you purchase a virtual ticket, you’ll be getting some in-game goodies to play around with!

You’ll be getting:

World of Warcraft – Legionnaire Murky and Knight-Captian Murky

You’ll be able to ask a Murloc friend to be your companion, but just know that choosing the Horde’s Legionnaire Murky or the Alliance’s Knight-Captain Murky will determine the fate of your soul.


Overwatch – BlizzCon 2016 Bastion Skin*

While you’re sitting at the front of the pain-train, mowing down all the Chinese scientists and Swiss doctors in front of you, why not show off some merchandise of your favourite gaming convention?


*To redeem on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you must link your PlayStation Network and Xbox Live account to More info here.

Diablo III – Diablo 20th Anniversary Pet*

With a face only a mother could love, you’ll be able to bring a teeny satan to the party!


*For Mac/PC versions only

Hearthstone – Welcome Inn Card Back

You’ll always feel at home (and close to the brew)! Just don’t look at that dwarf the wrong way…


Heroes of the Storm – Nexus Tiger Mount

Riding into battle on this brand new Nexus Tiger Mount is the only way to travel safely. See, they’re gonna be looking for Unicorns.


Starcraft II – Mystery Goodies*

Now, you can go and have a great time at BlizzCon… or you could trade it all in for what’s in this box…

The box! THE BOX!

(Just kidding, you get this too)

This Mystery Bundle will include a new portrait and you’ll be the first to unlock some new, cool upcoming Starcraft II content!


*This will also be available separately.