Hear About The Transport Fever Campaign In The Latest Dev Blog

I have done more than a few articles looking at Transport Fever, it is because the very premise of this game excites me. It heralds back to the days of Transport Tycoon, the pinnacle of industry simulation games.  Something that game did not have was a proper campaign, instead it was just you vs the world. Modern day games have developed greatly, and these kinds of campaigns, apart from giving a reason to play, are often used as a form of tutorial.

In this video we get to take a quick look at the American campaign. In it we are shown how players are presented with meaningful decisions that will render long lasting consequences. We also learn about how the focus will not just be on laying the lines, but around the solidification of the base business and production mechanics. You will need to create resourcing links between different points to ensure that you get things like cheaper tools and resources in the future. Check out the full video below!

If the campaigns included within the game do not tickle your fancy, do not panic. Transport Fever is all over the Steam Workshop, players will be able to create their own scenarios in addition to planes, trains and automobiles. There is nothing quite like room for personalisation within a game to generate longevity. I must concede that I am as excited to see what will come from the Workshop as for the game itself.