Handicap Glitch in FIFA Series Confirmed?!

According to some YouTubers and the Reddit community, the handicap conspiracy in FIFA Ultimate Team has been proven! This glitch/bug has been around in the series according to the research since FIFA 09. It is said that some of the better cards (representing players) are not being given the added chemistry bonus stats or buff like they are supposed to be. This is apparently why some better players can feel more sluggish than they are supposed to especially against other players with fewer stats. Creators of the FIFA game franchise, EA, have always denied any such handicapping or scripting being written into the codes of their games, but according to the research, this may be untrue.

Essentially, some of the better cards aren’t being given the stats they are supposed to get, while some of the lesser cards are. All in all, this nerfs the stronger sides and buffs the weaker ones. This could get EA into some trouble as some people spend hundreds (if not more) of dollars buying the best team they can, for them to be handicapped without the owners knowledge.


No word yet from EA on the matter.


The Reddit article containing all of this information in a very in-depth manner can be found HERE and a video below.