Grav|Lab Shows Off Touch Gameplay

Grav|Lab is a game that is being developed here in the nations capital by Mark Schramm. Initially designed around the HTC Vive, the impeding release of the touch controllers means that Mark has been looking at bringing them into the game. In the latest trailer we are able to see just how well they will work in the world. Unsurprisingly there is not much difference between the Vive Wands and the Oculus Touch, but it is certainly nice to see titles reaching out into the third dimension for the Rift.

Look at them go in the new trailer below:

This charming trailer reminds me quite a bit of what Portal was; a simple premise, with constantly developing mechanics and a decent sense of humour.

Currently Grav|Lab is still in early alpha stages of development. You are able to sign up to be notified about when it will be released or you can add it to your wishlist now on Steam.

Also keep tuned into OK Games as we will be releasing a review of Grav|Lab as it gets a little closer to release.