Grand Theft Auto Online Bikers Update Live

The latest update for GTA OnlineBikers, has gone live. The update comes with new vehicles, weapons, and the ability to operate an MC enterprise in the comfort of your own clubhouse. Check out the launch trailer below!

Players will be able to form their own Motorcycle Club of up to eight players, which you can take to the streets and fight against other MC’s or criminal organisations. The leader of the MC has the ability to promote, demote and trial new prospects who wish to join the club, while each type of leadership role comes with their own unique abilities.

Additionally, to house your MC, the update includes 12 available locations to make home, from which you can engage in a range of contracts, activities and unsullied violence to earn that dollar dollar $$. Players will also have the opportunity to launch their own illegitimate business such as money counterfeiting, narcotics distribution, or document forgery. If you run your business well, and keep your enemies at bay, you’ll accrue new upgrades and expand your criminal enterprise.


Similarly, the update includes 13 new vehicles of the motorbike variety (shocker!), as well as new melee weapons which you can swing while riding a bike, clothes and tattoos. I can’t wait to beat civilians — I mean, deserving criminals — to death with a pool cue.

Lastly, there is a new Slipstream Adversary Mode for racing. It involves players riding on teams together to vie for first position and cross the finish line before the opposing players. Oh, and you are encouraged to beat the others off their bikes mid-race.