Golden Syrup Games Announces New Tropical Game

The sun, the surf and the sand. For me, this is what I first think of when I go to the tropics. Golden Syrup Games, developers from our corner of the globe in Melbourne, have taken a slightly different perspective to those heavenly islands. Commercialism… Spoiling the rich and clean paradises to practice corporate greed and cunning, consuming and manipulating all that is around them…




That sounds kinda fun.


Announced today for a 2017 release, Tropical Manipulation will see you running your own retail franchises with the aim of driving your competition into the ground. You can compete with up to three other players for four player games where you will need to use all your guile to manipulate the market and the government to turn everything to your favour. Check out the trailer below to see a little more of what to expect:

You can also learn more about the game from their website.