God of War Gets a New Trailer and Release Window

One whole year after its official reveal on Sony’s E3 stage, we got our second look at director Corey Barlog’s new vision for God of War.

Throughout the trailer, we are teased by an unknown voice who questions both Kratos and the viewer. Why is it that Kratos sought solitude in wilds of Norse mythology? We were already aware that Barlog’s new take on God of War features the same Kratos from the previous games, however, it was not obvious to what extent the older titles would affect this story. But it seems clear now, that this question of influence will play an integral role in the game’s plot. You can check out the trailer below!

In addition to the narrative, the trailer provides a better look at how combat will work. Other than his axe, Kratos utilises some magic attacks, and even pulls out a shield to bash enemies with!

The new trailer strikes the same tone as that of last years, and it’s clear that this adventure will be deeply tied to the relationship shared between Kratos and his son, Atreus.

You can expect to play God of War in ‘early 2018’.