GoatPunks at PAX Australia 2015

If you missed out on GoatPunks at PAX Australia, I am very sorry for your loss. This colourful, 2-4 player party/multiplayer, king-of-the-hill game is packed full of goat-y goodness, who have somehow acquired all kinds of weaponry and attached it to their backs. Created by Blue Mountains based developer Studio Canvas, who is just one-man band Alberto Santiago, it’s coming out hopefully early 2016 for PC and MAC via Steam.

I had a play of the game after walking around aimlessly for a little while and I instantly made rivals. First of all, customise your goat and choose your weapon, then jump into one of nine themed mountain tops, stylised with the beautiful anime Studio Ghibli movies in mind. And why goats? Why not?! Goats are popular and goats are dicks!


Think of this, but with crossbows and fire balls!

Start at the bottom and work your way up to the top, passing enemy goats and using power-ups that sit around the mountain, like teleports and speediness. Once at the top, you’ve got to remain up there for 30 seconds to become victorious. Others can jump up and claim the spot over you but this is where your weapons come in; shoot the other goats travelling to the top to push them down to the bottom! But if you get dethroned, your time will count back up to 30 as you climb back to the top.

GoatPunks will be a great addition to those party packs you bring out when you’re around friends you wouldn’t mind punching in the face, like other PAX favourite Lupinball. If you’re interested in the art style and various stages of the game, keep on scrolling!


GoatPunks_Windmill_ScreenShot GoatPunks_Candy_ScreenShot GoatPunks_Totem_ScreenShot


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