Giant Cop: Justice Above All Gets a Great Trailer and a Little Controversy

At the PC Gaming Show, we were introduced to Giant Cop: Justice Above All with this ridiculous little trailer.

This title has been announced for a little while now, it is great to see how it has managed to keep the silly-ness all this time. It is unfortunate that this event has been overshadowed by the announcement that they have gone timed exclusive on the Rift. This has alienated a vast number of this games supporters. Many have called the developer out on it and have since gone out in force requesting refunds. The extent of this exodus has meant that Humble has offered a statement to the people who have bought it:

Hi Giant Cop Purchasers!

Dan here. I’m mass-replying to you all to update you on the situation.

We’ve been in touch with the developers of Giant Cop in the past few days to clear this up with our customers. Here’s where we’re at:

Giant Cop is set to debut on the Oculus but will come to other platforms — including the Vive — a few months after its initial release. The developers are sorry this isn’t what you were expecting, but this is the course of action they chose.

We welcome you to wait for the game to come out on your preferred VR platform. If you’d still like a refund, please reply to this message and let me know. I’ll attempt to refund the order myself, but may have to redirect you to the developers depending on how recently you paid.

I’ll respond individually to everyone who follows up. Just wanted to bulk-update you all to keep you in the loop!


-Dan Humble Bundle

People are voting with their wallets.

That said, I welcome these kinds of games. Many people are getting caught up in “killer apps” and “real games in VR”. It might just be me, but dumb little games like Giant Cop: Just Above All are exactly what I want out of VR. At least for now. It is these kinds of games which play with the technology, they push the boundaries and test what can be done.

Without this kind of exploration it is hard to tell how to start importing existing franchises into VR. I think that it is inevitable that developers will underestimate the flexibility and new rules that come with this technology. They should take smaller steps, try a few things, and see what sticks.

Until then, I want more of these style games, the ones that do something a little wacky, and well out there.