Fourteen Teams Now Qualified For TI6, Two Spots Left

The International has barely started and already it is throwing some amazing action our way. The regional qualifiers have just finished wrapping up and they have shown the standard that teams will have to be working at to get hold the Aegis.

The International started off with a shock to many teams when it first announced the directly invited teams. Many were expecting 8 or 10 teams to be directly invited. Instead there were but 6. Many of the worlds strongest teams found that they would actually have to fight through their regional tournament. Some of the larger teams also decided to break their roster lock, forcing them to also battle through the open qualifiers for their region.

Just a couple of days ago the regional qualifiers have wrapped up. Ten teams in each region (except NA who gets 8) battled it out for the two direct invites into TI6. The teams that qualified from each region are:

Europe– Team Secret and Alliance

SEA – Fnatic and TNC Gaming

China – Wings Gaming and Vici Gaming Reborn

NA – Evil Geniuses and Digital Chaos

These teams go on to join OG, Liquid, Na’vi, Newbee, LGD and MVP Phoenix in the main event.

There is still some hope for four teams. There are still two spots remaining. The third place team from each of the qualifiers will find themselves fighting off against each other at the main event. The four teams this time are:

Europe – Escape Gaming

SEA – Execration

China – EHOME

NA – compLexity Gaming

Who do you think will get to join in the main bracket? I think that each of these teams has a lot to offer, and many fans cheering them on. Good luck to all of them. So at the moment this is what out main event is looking like. I know I am excited to see what this contest brings us. If it is anything like the standard shown at during the qualifiers then we are going to be seeing some amazing games.