Ford Uses Firewatch Official Artwork for Their Freedom Sales Event Promotion

So, apparently, Ford thinks they can get away with some things without anyone noticing. But guess what? We noticed.

In a Freedom Sales Event promotion at a Ford dealership in Quincy, Massachusetts, it seems they are likening their cars to… well, freedom. The outdoors; the mountains; the Wyoming wilderness, you could say. Enough beating around the bush, Ford’s advertising staff have used the official artwork from Campo Santo’s indie hit, Firewatch, as a backdrop to their promotion. Pictures of an email promotion have been making the rounds on social media and even Panic. Inc, co-developers for Firewatch have commented on the ripoff artwork, meaning that this wasn’t an authorised use of the image.

Campo Santo co-founder, Sean Vanaman has also commented on the images:

Not only all this, but Firewatch-like images have also shown up in a video advertisement for the cars they’re offering in the sale.

After all of this had been found and circulated the internet to the involved parties, the people at Gamasutra contacted a representative from Quirk Ford, Chris Cannavo, asking why they had used the artwork from the game. They responded stating that the artwork had been lifted from, and pronounced it was “usually pretty good about making sure [images] don’t violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.” They also mentioned that they had never heard of Firewatch before.

Afterwards, the representative stated the images for the promotion came from Ford HQ itself, however later, a representative from Ford’s communication group, Sara Tatchio, stated that “Ford was not involved in creating the Quirk dealership advertising, our dealers are independent businesses.” Tachio also stated that the images from the video advertisement were commissioned artworks are not from the Firewatch artist, Olly Moss.

We’ll bring you more updates if they come!