First Look At Watch_Dogs 2 Gameplay

Watchdogs 2 has finally been officially announced to release on the 15th of November for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC! The reveal trailer is below, and the lengthy gameplay demo is further down. Notice the distinct lack of wet pavement.

Well, after probably the most leaks in the lead up to an announcement event ever, Watchdogs 2 has been officially revealed in a Ubisoft Blog post.

The game will take place in the San Francisco Bay Area, and will feature a new main character by the name Marcus Holloway. And guess what? He has a gripe with the system!

On the subject of Marcus’ hacking abilities, Ubisoft claim that he:

“can hack just about every mechanical or electronic thing in the game. That could mean the phones of every nearby pedestrian (which now make a great distraction), parked vehicles and even cranes or forklifts that can be moved to reach a previously inaccessible area. This ability extends further than before, because Marcus can also remotely take direct control of other vehicles as if he were driving them, which in immediate terms is handy for creating distractions, making roadblocks for enemies, and indulging in a little recreational mayhem.”


watchdogs 2 img

It seems Ubisoft are upping the anti quite a bit in terms of gameplay and choice, stating that Marcus will even be able to avoid confrontation and accomplish his goals purely by hacking. But don’t worry, apparently he has a 3D printer which enables him to make weapons for lethal and non-lethal takedowns.

Additionally, much like the first game, players will be seeking to establish influence in areas, attempting to “expose the corruption of the system”. However, this progress will feed into the popularity of Marcus’ group of rebels (DedSec) who fight against the ctOS and those that run it. The main goal of the game is to attract more followers to help him achieve his mission. Ubisoft are also promising a litany of fun and engaging sandbox missions (I’ll believe it when i see it), and the freedom to approach them with what-ever playstyle you choose.

On the subject of Multiplayer, they appear to be taking a bit of a different tact from the seemless ‘invasion’ style gameplay in Watchdogs 1. Community Manager Giancarlo Varanini explains the Multiplayer as a:

“seamless online experience that will bring other hackers into your game without the need for menus, loading screens, or other such dividers from the main experience. You can initiate contact with players on your friends list, but it’s also possible to cross paths with random players while just wandering the world – and whether these encounters are competitive or cooperative is largely up to you.”


Ubisoft also released an 18 minute announcement video, which features gameplay footage and developers explaining the game’s systems.  Check it out below!