Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Closed Beta Drops Next Week

Earlier this morning, a closed beta was confirmed for the multiplayer expansion to last year’s premier male bonding simulator, Final Fantasy XV. From the 3rd through to the 8th of August worldwide, anybody who owns the base game and season pass will have the opportunity to try out the mouthful that is FINAL FANTASY XV -MULTIPLAYER EXPANSION: COMRADES.


The full release promises fans the ability to play as Noctis and his buddies, allowing up to 4 players to be able to team up and take on quests exclusive to the multiplayer mode. In addition to the main cast will be the ability to create your own custom avatars and wield a variety of weaponry not found in the base game.


It is important to note that any progress made during the closed beta will not carry over to the DLC once it has been fully released.