Film Victoria Funding: ‘Ticket to Earth’

At the very end of July, Film Victoria announced funding for many games, the first of which we covered was Rebound by Well Placed Cactus. Each of these titles would be receiving grants to further the development of the titles. Today we want to look at one of the other games that received money in this allocation; Ticket to Earth, by Robot Circus.

Robot Circus are old hands in game development. They have made more than a few light titles that have been published mostly on mobile. Each of these titles share a common, and quite charming art style. The art of Ticket to Earth is no different; it has a charming fusion of top-down puzzler and Disney-esque style cartoons (not too dissimilar from 80 Days.)


Ticket to Earth is described as having a “Match 3 RPG x Positional Strategy” style to combat. Moving across a board by following paths created by matching colours, you must swoop in to the enemy lines to rout them where they stand. You can play as four different heroes, each of which develop as you progress through the story. This seems like it could be a really cool variation on the traditional grid turn-based strategy game.

This will be coming to a mobile platform near you soon (and to other platforms later).  Until then, check out the full trailer for Ticket to Earth below: