Film Victoria Funding: Putty Pals

There is nothing quite like being able to get support when producing a new game. Funding from Film Victoria is a fantastic way to vindicate all the hard work that has been put into the development of a title. The title that we will be looking at today is a game by developers Harmonious Games, lets take a quick look at Putty Pals.

Have you played World of Goo? That is what this game seems to remind me of most. However, it does differ in one extremely good way, it is co-op. Co-op is a risk, to get the greatest attention you need to not only have mechanics that are strong individually, but combine to create a meaningful interaction with the person you play with. Putty Pals seem to have managed this challenge quite well.

Players each control a ball of goo which can interact only with platforms and obstacles of their own colour. This may create an impossible jump for one player at the cost of walk in the park for the other. Of course, as a co-op game there are ways around these. Each glob can turn into its own springboard or platform. These are particularly special as the other player is able to use them. Impossible jumps will become possible.

While appearing quite simple, I am quite excited to see just what this game will turn into!