Film Victoria Funding: Beats ‘N’ Bleeps

The 5th game that received funding from Film Victoria is Beats ‘N’ Bleeps. Created by a small two man team, this game is very different from any of the others which received attention in this round of titles.

Beats ‘N’ Bleeps is a music based, rhythmic puzzle game developed by a small team called Polyphonic LP. Made up of two people, this game will have you bopping along with some quite decent beats.

Naturally the music starts off quite tame. As you push blocks into the appropriate position notes and tones will start to play. The music getting progressively more expressive and exciting as it develops. From all perspectives this appears a well paced title that will provide a good simple distraction at a button press away.

There is very little that we know about this game at the moment, we will certainly let you know more as we hear it ourselves. You can also read more about some of the other games that have received funding, including; Putty Pals and  Ticket to Earth.