Film Victoria Announces Latest 9 Games To Get Funding

If you are a game developer there are few places better than Victoria to live. It is one of the states which dishes out a significant amount of support to local game developers. Announced just today are the latest 9 recipients of Film Victoria’s Assigned Production Investment funding; and this year the games come from a huge range of different genres including sims, stories and brawlers.

Last year we saw a large number of titles receive funding through this program, this included Ticket to Earth (a game we also got to play around with at PAX last year and which is now approaching market), Beats n’ Bleeps and Help! I’m Haunted.

We have included below a brief overview of all the games that received this years funding, as well as links to their websites. Over the coming weeks we will be looking to providing a little more in depth detail about each of these games, so stay tuned!

The Games

Dead Static Drive

Team FanClub PTY LTD –

Do you remember the good ol’ days of Grand Theft Auto, when it was a top down game? If you liked that, then this will certainly be up your street. Self described as ‘Grand Theft Cthulhu’, Dead Static Drive is an open world actin game which delves into cosmic horror.

capture  capture

Hyper Jam

Bit Dragon  –

This bright areana fighter will have you butchering your friends. The fast pace gameplay will have you running around like a headless chicken, if the arena doesn’t finish you first!

Joko’s World: Pocket Planet

Cultural Infusion –

I think that everyone of a certain age remembers ‘Where in the world is Carmen Sandiago’. This game may not have you hunting a criminal mastermind, but it will have you hunting aliens while at the same time learning about global geography.

Odd Gods

Inn Between Worlds –

There is not much we know about this game at the moment, the brief description talks about it as: ‘a tactical time travel role-playing game’


Paper House –

Learn about the Australian wilderness as a wombat in a hot Australian summer. Wander the bush, learning about what hides beneath the gums.

Putty Pals

Harmonious Games –

This two player co-op game has you and a partner working together to solve puzzles and work your way to the end of the world. This is the second time that they have received this funding, something which demonstrates the quality of the game under construction.

Spies & Soldiers

Ghostbat Games –

This strategy game will have you fighting and conquering the world; there is nothing quite like owning a plant!


Tear Through

Walk With Kings –

Become a SWAT officer in this 4 player co-op tactical shooter. Use a range of gadgets and tools to enable both lethal and non-lethal approaches to achieving your mission.

Tear Through Screenshot

VR Regatta

Virtual Reality Sailing PTY LTD –

I am extremely pleased to see a VR title in this years selection. This sailing game will have you floating on the water, driving our own boat through the waves.