Fall Battle Pass Tumbles Into Dota 2

It feels like it was only yesterday that we looked at the announcement of the new Boston Major. Coming up quite soon, this major will be getting the Battle Pass treatment. Much like the old compendiums, and now like all past Battle Passes, this Autumn version comes will all the usual bells and whistles. There are quests, items, games and competitions, all to support the upcoming major.

There are some interesting tidbits that do come out of this pass though. The most critical of which is the date of the next major update. Last time we looked at a small balance patch where there were a few nerfs and that was about it. With the game sitting in such a good place it is hard to see why they would do more than that. While we all knew that there would be a major patch coming in in Autumn, no one knew if we were to expect it before or after the Boston Major. We now have an answer. The promised date as provided in the blog post claims that the update will roll though at the very start of summer, that chosen day is the 12th of December.

While it is a little disappointing that it will be another 2 months before we get to get out hands on the Monkey King, I do not mind waiting for some new awesome content. It is also commonly known that this patch has the game in one of the best places that it has ever been. There is balance, it is fun, and there are different strategies to be explored. No one hero is as toxic as we have seen in the past.

Of course, this news holds a little more than new hats and patches, there are also new ways to qualify for the Majors. The Battle Cup Qualifiers were extremely well received when they were introduced in the International’s Battle Pass. While people could play for brownie points and fame, the comps never really led anywhere. This is now no longer the case. Tier-8 winners will now be eligible to play in the Spring Major Qualifiers. They have become a new route into the big comps. Seems like a good time to get practising to me…

In the meantime, check out the new terrain that comes with this Battle Pass below: