Facebook Partners With Unity For Move Into Games

It is not news that Facebook and Oculus are bedfellows in the VR space. Facebook bought out the Oculus brand a couple of years ago and has since been making moves to corner the VR space all for itself. This has been made all the more difficult by the successful launch of the HTC Vive which has been getting many more positive reviews all across the web. Some of the pain for Oculus has been self inflicted though

This taste of core gaming (from VR) seems to have whetted Facebook’s appetite for serious games. Just the other day Facebook announced on their blog their vision of a future united with Unity. Initially, at least, this is just a closer tie with the base Facebook technology, one click export. However, it is not just this simple tie with Unity that aims to disrupt the PC Gaming audience. Facebook are building a gaming platform and they are building it with unity at it’s heart:

Unity will integrate support for the Facebook platform, including an all-new PC gaming platform currently in development.

-Jack King Choi

If you are a developer who is interested in testing out the latest version of Unity, the one which supports this new Facebook integration, all you need to do it apply on their site by the 31st of August.

This new platform that Facebook is creating could be a real game changer in the digital gaming space. They have already paid out in excess of $2.5 BILLION to web game developers across 2015. That is a decent quantity of cash. Much of that funding will have come thanks to free to play games and most probably the King games which seem to rake in an ungodly amount of money.

If Facebook is able to make moves into the serious game distribution space, I could see them bringing some genuine competition to Steam. It seems to me like the PC platform is going to be getting a lot of attention over the coming years.