Everything You Need To Know From Level-5’s Vision

There are a portion of games companies that choose to shun press conferences like E3 for announcing future games. One company that has been doing this for quite some time is the Japanese developer and publisher Level-5. This is a company that might not be all that familiar to all of you, but this does not mean that they have not produced some big titles. In fact they are one of the champions of pure RPG games in Japan. They are also one of the companies that looks to innovate in that area. After all, they made one of the best puzzle games ever, Professor Layton. They are also masters of the beautiful. In the past they have joined forces with some of the greatest animation studios in Japan, including Studio Ghibli.

Level 5 are also the people who made Yo-kai Watch, the game which I have reported on in the past, which in Japan has beaten Pokèmon to the top spot on kids wishlists.

This years Vision conference has just wrapped up, within came announcements of sequels for many of their existing titles. Check out all the new trailers and games below:

Inazuma 11 -Ares’s Scale(balance)

I open with Inazuma 11 as it is my favourite soccer game ever. It is like playing PES combined with real time Pokèmon. There are already about 4 or 5 games out there, 4 of which have been released in Australia. Give them a look if you can, you will not regret it. There is no sign in this trailer of what new gameplay techniques may be coming into the title yet, it seems like a fairly generic introduction so far.

Plus there is the cool looking watch. Interestingly this talks about connecting to a gaming device, could this be for the Nintendo NX?


Professor Layton (Lady Layton)

In an interesting move, Layton appears to be moving away from the professor and his top hat. Instead this game is headlined by his closest relative, Catherine (I am fairly sure that will be her name). She gets to take over the puzzle solving duties with the aid of a small dog. Once again this title is set in London and it is looking to become a charm like always.

Snack World

I have no idea what this is about yet. It looks like it could bring characters together from other Level-5 titles. What it means though, I cannot yet say.

Time Bokan

This new title seems quite cool. It looks like it could share a few traits with the gumball fighters games, if nothing else I hope that it comes out a little bit like Robot Wars.

Fantasy Life

I know that many people love this series. Well there is now more on the way. Time to start packing!

Otome Yusha

This looks like it could be a RPG cross card game style title. We know very little about this at the moment.

Megaton Musashi

Space, robots, fighting. This has my attention!

Yo-Kai Watch

There is a lot of new stuff in this franchise. Music games, mobile games and a new titles. Check out all the videos below.