EVE Online Will Be Free-To-Play in November

EVE Online, the Icelandic space MMO by CCP, which I continue to not understand but be in complete awe of, will be going free-to-play in November of this year. They’ll be implementing a system of clone states which will create two different types of players. Check out the video explaining it below:

In the video, executive producer Andie Nordgren explains that players who will opt for a free account are given Alpha clones, a base character that is able to train and use a specific set of skills, but they will progress experience at a slower rate.

People who continue to pay for EVE Online will be given Omega clones, which function exactly the same as Eve Online functions now.

At anytime, accounts can be upgraded from an Alpha clone to an Omega clone, and if an Omega clone subscription runs out, the account will just revert to an Alpha clone. So many clones!