Enter the New Update for Enter the Gungeon

The bullet hell, rogue-like world of  Enter the Gungeon has a brand new update coming our way!

Called the ‘Supply Drop Update’, it brings over a hundred new rooms to battle through, with brand new companions, bosses, enemies, shrines, and weapons including the Bullet Gun. What is the Bullet Gun? Okay, think about it. Thought about it? It’s a gun shaped like a bullet, that shoots guns, that shoots more bullets. Yes. Yes.

You can also expect new companions like the swell Ser Junkan, who gains strength and power as you carry more and more actual random junk with you through the Gungeons.

Publisher Devolver Digital’s CFO Fork Parker stated about the new update to the critically acclaimed game:

“Our research showed that the Enter the Gungeon community wanted three things – everlasting life, rock hard abs, and more content for Enter the Gungeon… Great news nerds, we delivered on two of the three.”

We can only assume that’s where this new beach bod came from!

Developers, Dodge Roll Games have also announced that after the Supply Drop Update, they’re also developing another major update as well and a full-blown expansion early next year.

Enter the Gungeon‘s Supply Drop update comes this Spring to PC, Mac, Linux, and PlayStation 4.