Eichenwalde Is The New Overwatch Map

Yesterday we presented the rumours that indicated a new map was coming to Overwatch. We thought it was a German themed map and we thought it was called Eichenwalde. We were right on both accounts.

Confirming this rumour is a new video by Blizzard that gives us an overview of the map an many of the nooks and crannies it holds. Scattered around the (presumably) abandoned village, players encounter broken tables, fallen walls and crumbling Bastions littered around the place. The presence of a Reinhardt confirms the relationship to that particular character, the scattered Bastions implies that there is an additional character who may call this place home:

From the trailer we are also able to determine that it is another payload map, whether there is a capture point involved as well, we cannot be too sure. Either way, this will be a nice addition to the game when it appears over the next few weeks. What do you think of this new map?