EA Press Conference Recap E3 2016

Well we’re off to a… start, I guess? First we watched the EA Press Conference, and we’ve done an article for every announcement, how convenient! Just click on the headings and you’ll be taken straight to the articles.

Alternatively, check out our video recap!

Titanfall 2 Single Player & Multiplayer Trailer

Talking robots and grapple hooks await!

EA Originals and Fe

EA announced a new indie game initiative.


A brand new FIFA game, this time with a new story mode.

Battlefield 1 Singleplayer Trailer and Multiplayer Stream

Another trailer showing Battlefield stuff. After E3 they also showed the world premiere multiplayer stream.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Still no release window just yet..

EA Play


Star Wars

We get a fresh glimpse at multiple new Star Wars titles in development.