EA Originals – A Way Out Revealed

Last year at E3, EA revealed EA Originals.

This morning during the EA Press Conference, Creative Director of Hazelight (the brains behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons) took to the stage and introduced us to A Way Out, coming early 2018. Check the trailer out below!

A Way Out is a couch co-operative game revolving around Leo and Vincent, just two regular (?) dudes attempting to escape from prison.

The game has been in production for quite some time as it was teased back at The Game Awards in 2014.

You can watch that below!

I am a huge fan of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. I will not say that I wasn’t a little disappointed when I realised that this new installment is not going to be fantasy based, and instead have a much greater rooting in the real world. But hey, I trust the devs to decide that this is the right choice.