Dota 2 Turns 7

It felt like only yesterday that we were playing on 6.88d. There were Batriders, Rubicks and Ogre Magis. Everything was balanced with only a small a range of heroes that saw little play. There had not been significant change for almost a year. I suppose that we are still playing it for a couple of days still.

Unlike most Valve time though we know that change is on the way. Mainly that version 7.00 is here and in the test client. Significant changes often come along with whole number version updates. There is a hell of a lot coming in, so check out the biggest changes below or jump into the each update page to find all the changes in detail.


Monkey King

The new Hero is finally here. He stuns, he runs and he hurts. His staff is imbued with power that can stun and increase in strength over time. He can jump from tree to tree. He can hide in plain sight and he can blow his hair in to some useful allies on the battlefield.





It is smooth and sleek. It aims to give best bang for the visible buck. Not only does it look awesome, it is also fully compatible with your old HUD skins. You will also notice levelling becomes a one click affair and that there is a new feature next to the portrait.

New Early game

New Pregame

Buy your items, plan your manoeuvres and load your game, all before you even start clicking around the map. It is now easier for everyone to be on the same page from the very start.

New Skills

New Gameplay

I am going to be honest, this section is huge. There are map, rune, hero, item, levelling and carrying capacity changes. The two most left field changes come in the form of items and talent trees. You now have 3 slots in which you can carry, but not use, items from. You are able to switch them into your main 6 slot inventory at any time (with a 6 second disabled period) to make sure that you are never too far from your most beloved toys (and swords). The new talent tree replaces the stat levelling. While you can still use this to level those stats, the choices players are presented with mean that for each game your levelling direction is likely to change.

New Viper

New Bots and Models

Slardar, Viper and Enigma are all becoming much prettier. Their long awaited remodels have arrived, and they look good. This also includes some more fine tuning on the map details to make the world feel more alive than ever. Finally, players are now able to add their own bots into the game! You will be able to now take on any hero in AI form.