Dota 2 Manila Major Approaches

The final of the three Dota 2 Majors are almost upon us. Of course when I say almost upon us, I mean that they start tomorrow. The venue is ready. The talent and the players have arrived, and Production is in it’s final stages. What this all boils down to is that we have to get ready to watch some great games. If you have a Battlepass, make sure that you get your predictions in. This will be your last chance!


The Group Stage of the Manila Major will be starting at approximately midday tomorrow. The first four matches are all scheduled to start at 12:00 Australian time with matches between:

  • OG and Team Empire (Group A)
  • Newbee and Complexity (Group A)
  • Wings Gameing and Digital Chaos (Group B)
  • Team Secret and NaVi (Group B)

Valve also go on to remind people that there will be a Dota 2 cosplay competition happening at the venue as well. Don your best IO outfit and show everyone how real cosplay is done!

Finally, there has also been a small patch roll out today which changes the way that people are given the rare items from chests. Originally only the Ultra Rare items had scaling chances to drop. This scaling chance system has been retroactively added to include Super Rare and Rare items. This only applies to the International Treasures for now, but I am sure that we will see it roll through to other new chests that are released in the future too.

The whole announcement from Valve can be found on their blog.