Dota 2 gets 6.88b, Comic and Abyssal Underlord Hint

It is now a matter of weeks before the Dota 2 International 6 will be on us. Qualifiers are over and the teams heading to Seattle have been chosen. Between now and then there are only a couple of big contests, the Summit being one of the largest. Leading into these events, and possibly the International itself, we see a new patch gracing the battlefield.

Covered in this minor patch are a few key nerfs, with more than a couple of ‘notice me’ buffs. The bigger of the buffs heads the way of Outworld Devourer with increases to Astral Imprisonment damage and intelligence steal duration. Beastmaster has been hit with a slight nerf by an increase to the XP bounty on his boars. Terrorblade and Death Prophet have also seen slight nerfs to some of their more key abilities. The greatest buff coming out of the patch must go to Zeus who gets an increase on his lighting bolt stun from 0.1 seconds to the ludicrous 0.2. Are you crazy Icefrog!

This update was not just about balance changes though, the longish awaited quest tree for Legion Commander has been released. This comes alongside a new comic talking a little about her lore. It talks about her past and her way into the coveted Legion Commander position. It also then goes a little more into her present, and that, in part, leads into the biggest confirmation yet that the Underlord is just around the corner.

Abyssal Underlord is the last of the unreleased heroes from Dota 1. The Underlord is a support hero that shares some common features with Jakiro. His first ability is an AOE ability that deals damage over time and in waves. Fire will rain from above. A pit can be opened beneath enemies which will immobilise anyone who enters it.  He has an Atrophy aura which will reduce the enemies damage, and when they die, grant the Underlord bonus damage. This chap’s ultimate is the very essence of bringing in the cavalry.  He can teleport himself, and anyone near him, to any other friendly hero. This chap really hits hard, as long as he is near friends. Just a pity he is not ranged, but if he were he would be very very nasty indeed.

Quest Tree


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