Don’t Blink, Don’t Look Away And … Don’t Blink

Dr. Who is an icon not just from the past, but the present. The current incarnation (as portrayed by Peter Capaldi) has had a mixed reception from fans. Personally, I don’t mind him, but I would like to see him a little move away from the slapstick. You may be wondering why I am writing about the Doctor on a games website. Many of the Dr. Who games have been released to very few accolades, often finding themselves regulated to the dreaded “tv tie-in” categories.

This time around, though, I am not so sure. The new game Don’t Blink only came out a couple of days ago, and I suspect that it will have slipped under everyone’s radar. Set in an abandoned house, you are surrounded by the Weeping Angels. These are some of the scariest monsters in the whole Dr. Who universe. They cannot be harmed, they only move when they are not being observed, and they feed by stealing your time. Don’t be their next meal.

As is the lore of these characters, there is one line to survival. Don’t blink and don’t look away. This new game hooks into your computer’s webcam to see if you do. And when you do, they come. You must switch between various cameras located around the house to stop their advance, to give the TARDIS time to arrive.

This is not a deep game, it harks back to the time old flash games. Simple, but to the point. If you like the Doctor and you have a webcam, have a go, see if you can survive the angels… I didn’t…

It was the year 2427 when I played the game. I knew I should never have gone to the into those archives.

Don’t play this game. You don’t have the time to lose.