Dishonored 2 Will Receive a New Game Plus Mode, and More Difficulty Settings next Month

Keeping in-line with Arkane Studio’s “player choice and freedom” game design for Dishonored 2, the developers have announced a new game plus mode, as well as more difficulty settings to be added next month. Accompanying this announcement was the ‘Play Your Way’ trailer, check it out below:

Hey guys, guys… Guys listen! Did you know that, In Dishonored 2, you can go stealth, OR not stealth!?

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the original Dishonored (and hopefully number 2, when it works properly on PC), but let’s not overblow player choice to a whole new level. Especially when deciding to go one way in gameplay, drastically affects the story, which in itself is a very limiting component of the game.