Disasters Crash Into A City Skyline Near You

I love the cities that I build in Cities: Skylines. They are pretty, they have many wonderful lights and gorgeous buildings. Yet some strange urge tells me that it would all look much better if only their was a crater right in the middle of the financial district. The latest update, which is now out, is able to fill this void. Check out the trailer below:

We covered the impending release of this expansion a little while ago, in each of those I managed to contain my excitement.

As always, this update comes with not just stuff for people who pay money, but other goodies for everyone. Check out the complete list of inclusions and changes below:

Paid content Cities: Skylines – Natural Disasters Expansion

  • 7 disasters
    • Tsunami
    • Tornado
    • Thunderstorm
    • Earthquake
    • Sinkhole
    • Forest fire
    • Meteor strike
  • Building fire now spreads
  • Random disasters in sandbox play
  • 5 scenarios
  • New services to counteract disasters
    • Space Radar
    • Weather Radar
    • Tsunami Buoy
    • Earthquake Sensor
    • Firewatch Tower
  • Re-building systems for disaster aftermath
    • Disaster Response Unit
    • Pumping Service
    • Large and Small Shelter
    • Tank Reservoir
  • Helicopters for some existing services and helicopter depots
    • Fire Fighting Helicopter Depot
    • Medical Helicopter Depot
    • Police Helicopter Depot
  • Planning escape routes for Shelters
  • New Chirps
  • 3 new Chirper hats
  • 6 new unique buildings and a new monument
  • 12 new Steam achievements
  • 5 new policies
  • Fresh Water Outlet (new Water Service building)

Free content for all players:

  • Scenario editor and ability to share scenarios in the Workshop
  • 3 radio stations
  • Game engine upgraded to Unity 5.4
  • Load/save/new -panels now support sorting asset list by name or modification time
  • Extra buildings available also in the European theme
  • Paradox Store logo is now Steam logo
  • AssetImporter:
    • Imported asset scaling textbox is automatically set to match template mesh size to prevent confusion with very small models
    • Fixed preview camera showing building tiles for vehicles
  • Warnings for badly optimized or very large custom assets added
  • Sub building serialization + sub building tool in asset editor
  • Prop/tree variation serialization + asset editor tool
  • Asset importer prop/tree templates
  • Asset editor props more organized
  • Ambulance and police car siren volumes tweaked