Diablo 3 Finishes With Season Seven

It has been more than a few months since I last played Diablo 3. The last few major updates did huge amounts to improve its gameplay, but after playing it for a few too many weeks in a row I kinda drained myself. I haven’t even bothered playing through the last Season and it is these seasons which have me writing today.

Time does seem to fly when you are having fun or are super busy. With far too many games on my ‘to play list’ I have not had the motivation to join in the grind once again. That said, I think I just need another big change to come through to shake up the world. While that may not be coming before Season 8, we can at least enjoy where we currently stand.

I hope that you have completed all your challenges and conquests for Season 7.  The announced rollover date is the 14th of October at about 7pm. Season 8 will follow quite hot on its heels a mere week later on the 21st. Nothing yet has been announced surrounding the bonuses for this new season. Additionally, as the Eras have moved (major patch periods), we will not be seeing any significant gameplay changes inline with the start of the season.

So, until then remember, all your seasonal characters will post their stuff back to your non-seasonal people. So you will want to log-in and pick them all up before you lose anything you hold dear.