Developers of Alan Wake Tease a New Game

Remedy Entertainment have been working on CrossFire 2 for some time now, that is old news. However this morning it became apparent that there exists a second internal development team that is working on a new and “secretive” project.


It is “pretty far off” and still “in the conceptual stage” according to Remedy’s Communications boss Thomas Puha, but that has not stopped them from searching for potential publishers Puha told Game Informer.

He also goes on to talk about the endings of both Alan Wake and Quantum Break. Agreeing that both leave room for a sequel, but refusing to comment on whether or not the “new game” was, in fact, a “new game” or just a sequel to a previous game.

It feels strange that after such downtime, Remedy are so present again. With the news recently that Quantum Break would be coming to Steam.

You can read the full interview with Thomas Puha over at Game Informer’s website.