Destiny Collection Just Around the Corner

Ever feel like getting into Destiny, but not having any clue where to begin? Well, fortunately for you, Bungie is releasing a special edition, that will package all content together in one neat collection. Check out the trailer below:

Basically, everything in the collection contains is as follows:

  • Destiny base game
  • Expansion I: The Dark Below
  • Expansion II: House of Wolves
  • The Taken King
  • Rise of Iron
  • Item to boost your character to level 40
  • Pre-Order Bonus: Iron Gjallarhorn

It’s a lot of content, 5,000 times more than the initial launch, so if you enjoy the gameplay, I think you’ll get your money’s worth.

On a sidebar, even if you own Expansion I, or II, I would hazard a guess that the upgrade path is more expensive than just buying the new collection. Of course, if you’re up to date with everything except Rise of Iron, it certainly won’t be.

The collection will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the 20th of September.