Destiny 2 May Be Coming to PC

Every so often, when I’m talking to my friends — yes they do exist — this one statement always crops up: “Yeah I’d play Destiny if it was on PC”. Unfortunately, this dream never became a reality for the original release, and the game just wasn’t good enough to see me devote enough time to a console shooter. Well, with reports coming in from a few different sources, it’s starting to look very likely that Destiny 2 will be released on PC as well as the other consoles.


The news began as a rumour on NeoGaf earlier today, which has since been corroborated by Kotaku sources and further NeoGaf posts. The NeoGaf user, benny_a claims that he knows an Activision employee and that they’d seen “a presentation on another person’s laptop” which stated Destiny 2 was coming to PC. He also claims that Vicarious Vision, and High Moon will be assisting with the development, and that there will finally be raid matchmaking.

Additionally, sources from Kotaku claim that Bungie is aiming to make “Destiny 2 feel like an entirely new game rather than a Taken King – style expansion.” Honestly, I have very high hopes for a new Destiny game. Hopefully the blunders Bungie made with the original release has taught them some lessons, and PC can get a solid port for a very well made First-Person-Shooter.