Could This Be The New Xbox One Slim?

Fresh images have just popped up over on Neogaf showing what appears to be a new slim Xbox One titled the ‘Xbox One S’.

While the images can not be verified at this time, they appear to have been taken from the official Xbox site and look somewhat believable.

The design appears to have undergone a major overhaul, with a matte white finish, new power/eject buttons and a patterned cooling design.

The description accompanying one of the images claims that the new Xbox One S is 40% smaller than the previous model, features a 2TB hard drive, supports 4K Ultra HD video, High Dynamic Range, a new streamlined controller and may come with a vertical stand.

The new console is also shown sitting both flat and on its side with the help of the new stand.

Personally I’m banking on this being real, but hope a black option is available too.

If the images are real, we should see a full confirmation at Microsoft’s press conference tomorrow morning at 2:30 AM AEST. Until then, stay tuned.