Cosmic Trip Leaves Early Access

Cosmic Trip is a game that entered the public eye a bit less than a year ago when it appeared on Steams Early Access platform. It came out at the start of the VR revolution and as such has been a little lost in the early chaff that came out. It is a pleasure seeing that after all the time in Early Access it is now here, Cosmic Trip is complete, for now at least!

This wave based RTS places you at the centre of the battle. You are not a god, you are not placed above the battlefield, you are there! Both you and your bots fight back waves on enemies. Throw them around the map, send them on chores and give them cure hats . Check it all out in the release trailer below:

It is amazing seeing it all grown up.  You can read all about the changes that are now in place thanks to the launch below, or you can check them out on Steam or on their own site which has all their updates. This means it must be time for me to get my headset back on and dive into one of the best VR experience around. See you in the fray!

  • New Game Modes: 3 New game modes have been added since launching to early access (including the fully featured strategy mode!)
  • New Environments: The starting planet has been greatly expanded and 4 all-new areas have been added, including the new Cave and Waterfall areas.
  • New Bots: The bot family has grown since launch, now with a variety of attack types and a Medic to keep everyone in good shape.
  • New Weapons: Many new futuristic weapons have been added, including the Bubble gun, Plasma shield, and grenade weapon.
  • Oculus Touch Support: Full Oculus Touch support with in-game model of touch controllers for Rift version.
  • Twitch Mode: Join in from chat while watching a live stream. Spawn items to help, or enemies to hinder the player.