Cosmic Trip Learns To Bubble

I have now had the Vive since it was release back a few months ago. In that time I have seen many games come and many games slide into obscurity. There are titles which have really grasped peoples attention, but too many of which are in an early state. A title that shares that same early access title is Cosmic Trip.

This game has kept me coming back, time and time again. Even though it is in such an early state it shows polish like almost no other game. At the moment it is a simple wave based defence game. It is a little bit shooter and a lot RTS. And naturally, I am still rubbish at it.

You build constructors, refineries and bots which together form the basis of your base. Using those resources you will be able to bolster your defences with a wide range of different flying drones. Currently this includes battle-bots, laser-bots and medic-bots. Naturally this roster is constantly expanding.

Naturally the bots cannot do all the hard work, and it is one of these changes that brings me to write this today. Your wands have different adaptors that you can plug in. One is a shield, the other is a frisbee bomb. The latter you get for free, it is one of the best forms of defence in the early game, allowing you to focus your production on building a resource chain.

Where there was once two, there are now three. I would like to introduce the Bubble Gun:

Charge it by shaking, fire it like a catapult. Anything that is captured in one of the floating bubbles becomes trapped, making them easy pickings for your attack-bots. This is the perfect tool for defending your resource chain. Throw some bubbles behind your crystal nodes and make sure your vulnerable brittle-worker-bots are not consumed quite as quickly as before.

I am excited to give this a spin… All I need to do is get off Grav|Lab, a fair challenge easier said than done.

In the mean time you can check out the latest patch notes here and watch as it develops.