Content Creator Packs Launch With Art Deco In Cities: Skylines

Out today on Steam, for a small $5, is a new content creator pack for Cities: Skylines [homepage]. These packs contain buildings from some of the big names in the modding community. This first pack follows Matt Crux and brings us a total of 15 news buildings to populate across our world.

The pack gives us 3 new unique buildings; Eddie Kovango, Pinoa Street and The Majesty, all of which are substantially sized. There are also 6 new residential buildings and 6 new commercial buildings. All of these are designed to fit within the stunning Art Deco period of Straight lines and crisp facades.

While there are still heaps of mods that you can download from the Workshop, I think that supporting the people via these kinds of packs is something that will ensure that they get some money for their hard work, and encourage them to keep building more for us all.

You can grab it now from the Steam Store.