Come Exploring in the Minecraft “Exploration Update” (v1.11)

It has been a long time since I last spent any meaningful time in Minecraft. I used to play a fair bit, but recently I have not really given it a second glance. I think that for me it is largely due to the game being one best enjoyed with friends. When they moved on, so did I.

This little sneak-peak from the latest update has raised my eyebrows. The Exploration Update hopes to get people moving around the world a lot more. It seems to be pushing people away from setting up bases, and instead create caravans.

Cartographers Map

There it is, it is a sheep!!

To get people out and about, Mojang has started off by introducing Cartographer villagers. The new mobs will be able to sell you maps which will lead you to the Ocean Monuments and the, now haunted, Woodland Mansions. The woodland mansions also get a special note as they are now occupied by Illagers. There chaps are dangerous fiends who use magic and throw imps, or Vexes at you. Take care traveller.

New mobs, the Illager and Vex

Watch out, he has an Vex!

To make your travels safer, and more mobile, we have also been given new tools. Shulker Boxes will see you stronger than a mule. These new chests will retain their contents, even after you break them. This makes them a fantastic way to increase your inventory.

However, it is the fluff that has me most excited. Llamas are here, and they are ready to be your mobile bags.If you have many of them, they will form a caravan, they will attack (spit at) mobs, and you can put carpets on them to decorate them. Is there anything they cannot do?

I might have to have another look at Minecraft after this update rolls through, I always thought that above ground was much more interesting than below! This together with Vivecraft might be enough to pull me in.

Mojang will release more details later in the week with their Wednesday Snapshot. Until then, what do you think of the update?